Welcome to the Rapier Miniatures range of Gloranthan Figures.



Welcome to the Rapier Miniatures Gloranthan Home Page.


We have been playing in the world of Glorantha for 35 years now, and recently we took the

step to get an Official Licence to do the figures we have always wanted for this world.


We are starting with Prax and its environs so we can indulge in all the Barbarian tribes,

starting with Bison Men and Morokanth. We have given some thoughts to Chaos

and Scorpionmen are available, with other types to follow.


So keep an eye as we start our journey in the footsteps of Biturian Varosh and contact

us with ideas of what you would like to see yourselves.


These are all initially in 28mm (foot to eye for an average human), but shortly we will have the

first of the 6mm range, as we are also planning to allow for larger battles in the region.

Our first Model in the flesh:


A young Bison Brave scouting ahead.




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