Welcome to the Runestarter Page.

Here is our second offering as pre-orders to be despatched on Tuesday 4th June 2019

As you can see, the sculpting is already done,

and we are now into moulding and checking the Master castings etc..

We are taking this step to try and get our figures into your hands as fast as possible.

These packs represent a saving from the full retail price which comes into force on the 5th of June.



3 Morokanths

4 Morokanth and 4 Herdmen

7 Morokanths and 4 Herdmen

Our first 3 of Morokanths

Armoured Hero, Slaver and Spear

Our newest Morokanths.

Shaman, Charging on all fours, Scout and Tracker, along with Herdman and 3 loose Herdmen.

All seven Morokanths and the 4 Herdmen.

Miniatures sculpted by Martin Baker and Painted by Jonathan Tarry.

These Miniatures are in the region of 34mm tall.


Glorantha, RuneQuest TM & © Moon Design Publications LLC and Chaosium Inc. All rights reserved.

May Issaries bless this trade.