Welcome to the Runestarter Page.

Here is our first offering as pre-orders to be despatched, the week commencing:

Monday 23rd of October. As you can see, half the sculpting is already done,

and the other half is well in hand.

We are taking this step to try and get our figures into your hands as fast as possible.

Early buyers will get a further 10% discount on these prices.

3 Morokanths

3 Trolls, 1 Great, 1 Cave 1 Dark

3 Trolls and 3 Morokanths in a boxed set

The first 2 of our Morokanths are shown here, the third, is currently coming to life in the hands of Martin Baker.

Shown here is the first of the 3 trolls sculpted by the renowned Miniatures maker, Kevin Adams.

He is hard at work on the next 2 even as we speak.

All 6 of these models in a boxed set.
These Miniatures are in the region of 34mm tall.
The Dark troll shown is 35mm tall, both the cave and the great troll will be in the region of 45mm tall.

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May Issaries bless this trade.