6mm Ranges
Welcome to Rapier Miniatures

Hello, welcome to the April update.


Firstly we now have our 6mm ACW cavalry available, just head for the

6mm ACW page and scroll down.


Secondly we have a new item in our printed range,

a custom printed Rules bag, all ready to store and carry your

various volumes with, see link on the sidebar.


Thirdly we now have a second Goblin on a Flying

Pterasaur, this time with bow, see him on the General

Fantasy page.


Lastly we have new Prussian Landwehr Cavalry, Swords and Lancers.

See them on the Prussian page.


Our next show is:

Vanquish in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, Sunday 28th May,

Bourne End Community Centre

Wakeman Road



















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