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February News.


Firstly apologies for anyone waiting for figures, especially Persians or

Egyptian Chariots, I am waiting for the needed castings myself and will

ship them as soon as I can.


Now here, Ghengis Khan rides in our new range of Mongols.

7 Packs and 2 new armies on offer, with more to come

over the summer.


Never has conquest been easier!



Next Shows:


Hammerhead, Sunday, 18th March 2018

The Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Newark, Notts, NG24 2NY


WMMS (Alumwell Show) , Saturday, 3rd March 2018

Aldersley Leisure Village
Aldersley Rd


Chillcon, Saturday, 31st March 2018

Ecclesfield School

Chapeltown Road



S35 9WD
















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